for negative pressure clean dome

    Reduce the risk of infection for frontline healthcare workers

  • HAPPY BIRD quickly creates a negative pressure space A compact device that traps viruses

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    Safe for emergency transportation

    It can be transported between hospitals as a simple clean room.

    Reduce the risk of infection

    You can reduce the risk of infection in the hospital.

    Disposable BOX

    Efforts for disinfection after use are reduced, and the risk of infection during disinfection is also reduced.

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  • What is HAPPY BIRD for Negative Pressure Clean Dome?

    An epoch-making infectious disease control product that
    combines a depressurized device with a HEPA filter and a negative pressure box.

    For those who feel uneasy with conventional measures alone

    It is a product that I would like you to prepare now.

    By having a HAPPY BIRD for negative pressure clean dome,

    Even in the unlikely event, the healthcare workers can take care of the user with peace of mind.

  • Product features

    Utilizing radioactive material containment technology for medical treatment.

    Features 1. A stable negative pressure space can be created.

    A stable negative pressure space can be created with a negative pressure device with a HEPA filter.

    Click here for a detailed video

    Feature 2. Foldable, disposable clean dome

    A negative pressure dome that is disposable and easy to install.
    A paper material has been used to create a shape that ensures sufficient negative pressure.
    The clear sheet is made of durable and flexible polyolephen, which is easy to use and safe.

    Feature 3. Exhaust unit with HEPA filter

    The compact exhaust unit is equipped with a HEPA filter (DO P particle collection efficiency: 99.97% or more).
    Depressurized is applied to the dome to prevent droplets from scattering and leaking, and containment is limited to the inside of the dome.
    You can reduce the risk of infection to your surroundings, including healthcare workers.
  • Product introduction

    HAPPY BIRD for negative pressure clean dome

    ー Details ー

    Product name: Happy Bird S (HBS) for "Portable Negative Pressure Clean Dome"
    Material: [Main body] Corrugated cardboard, Polypropylene, [Clear sheet] Polyolefin

    Body size: [Main body (after assembly)] W: 450mm, D: 330mm, H: 435mm
    Estimated shipping date: Around the beginning of May (planned)

    Note): A separate connection with the exhaust unit is required to use this product.

    ー Precautions ー

    ◆ Be sure to read the attached instruction manual before use.

    ◆ The non-woven fabric material may be damaged by being caught on the protrusions.

    ◆ If you find any abnormalities such as abnormal noise, damage, or foreign matter mixed in the product, discontinue use and check the attached instruction manual.

    ◆ This product is not a medical device based on the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act.

    ◆ The appearance and specifications of the product are subject to change without notice.

  • Exhaust unit smoke suction test video

    Test results

    When smoke was put in while starting the exhaust unit, the smoke was sucked into the exhaust unit without going out, and all the smoke was sucked in about 20 seconds.

    You can also see that the smoke is being sucked in without going out, even if the care ports on both sides are open.

    It can create a depressurized space more quickly than the above, trap the virus and reduce the risk of infection.

  • Installation method

    How to install the product

    Click here for installation video  

    1. Installation of clean dome

    From the folded state, install the clean dome from the head of the bed.

    2. Combine the exhaust unit to the clean dome

    Connect the hose of the exhaust unit to the main body.

    3. Set the clean dome under the back of the head of the subject

    Set the clean dome under the subject's head.

    The weight of the head fixes the clean dome.

    4. Assemble from the folded state

    Assemble from the folded state according to the crease of the clean dome.

    It is easy even for those who install it for the first time.

    5. Cover with a clear sheet

    The clear sheet is made of durable and flexible polyolephen, which is easy to use and safe.

    6. Turn on the power of the exhaust unit

    You can create negative pressure inside the clean dome simply by connecting the power supply to the outlet and pressing the switch on the exhaust unit.

    7. Installation completed

    Installation of the portable negative pressure clean dome is complete.

  • Useful function

    Introducing useful functions of the product

    Foldable for quick installation

    It can be installed quickly even in an emergency or when working alone.

    Easy access to the dome

    You can safely and easily interact with the inside of the dome from the side of the dome and the clear sheet. The highly transparent sheet has excellent visibility and can be used for various care.

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  • FAQ

    Q: Can the virus be removed with a HEPA filter?

    A: A high-performance filter that collects 99.97% or more of particles with a rated air volume and a particle size of 0.3 micromillimeter. It is set to collect mainly 0.3 micrometers, which is considered to be the most difficult to collect particles (poor collection rate), and the mechanism of particle streamline obstruction, collision, electrodeposition, diffusion, etc. by the fibers that make up the filter. The air is filtered, and the collection performance is fully exhibited even at 0.3 micrometer or less.

    Q: Isn't the inside of the box stuffy?

    A: The inside of the box is not sealed because air enters through the gap of the cover and the air supply filter even when the exhaust unit is not connected. In addition, when the exhaust unit is in operation, air enters through the air supply filter and is discharged from the duct through the breathing area of ​​the subject, so there is no suffocation.

    Q: How long does the battery run?

    A: It takes about 1 hour with 8 single batteries.

    Q: How long is the HEPA filter replacement time?

    A: The standard time for filter replacement is 9000 hours. If you use it for 8 hours a day, it will take about 3 years.

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